The Beginning of Small Grain Harvest, and a Recipe for Brat or Hamburger Buns


It’s July 25th, and we’ve had nearly every imaginable weather event occur this season: a snowstorm in late Spring, an unseasonably cool and wet Spring, storms that brought high winds and heavy rains, and an oppressive heat wave. We are happy to report that our small grains seem to be faring well, through it all. And we’re just beginning to combine our Polish “Danko” Rye today. This is a variety we learned of from one of our mentors, Thor Oeschner, in Upstate New York. It is a variety of Rye that is supposed to be ideal for baking and milling, and we’re eager to get it out of the field and try it for ourselves. Though, it is a beauty in the field, too.

This summer has also been one where we’ve been trying to cook outside as much as possible. We have plan to build a wood fired oven up at our house, but until then we’ll turn the oven on to bake bread, or buns, in this case, and try to cook the rest of the meal on the grill or fresh from the garden. This is a recipe Halee has been making often this summer. It’s great for hamburgers, black bean burgers, brats, and always good as an egg sandwich the next morning.

Halee Wepking